Launching Community Help-desk for COVID-19 in Kenya

The novel coronavirus 2019 has posed a great challenge to many communities in Kenya. Many low and middle-income households struggle with access to food, especially after businesses have been affected due to the lock-down and restrictions in operations. The loss of jobs has also led to a serious economic disparity among local communities who are highly dependent on manual labor for income.

Have you considered the vulnerable communities or people groups? The elderly, the disabled, the low-income households and the homeless? Their needs may be more critical during this time. And we need to be more alive to the struggles of our neighbors, now and long after the pandemic is over.

In the past one month, JAY4T has been sending help to informal settlements in Kisumu and to street children through partnerships with local organizations including Jijenge Youth Organization. The outreach sessions have been of great help to the community and attracted more collaborations to help communities cope with the current economic situation.

JAY4T, a youth-led non-profit organization that has a focus on positive youth development and sustainable communities, has collaborated with Zelos, a youth-led software company bridging the digital gap that may exist between organisations and volunteers, based in Estonia. Through our collaboration, we aim to connect at-risk people to volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya. This collaboration will enable volunteers to take help to where it is much needed.

Using the platform, a person at-risk calls the helpline or fills an online form. A call center operator validates and approves the request. A new task is created automatically in Zelos and a notification is sent to volunteers in the area. One volunteer accepts the task. The call center operator checks the volunteer’s profile and accepts the match, optionally. Zelos sends the approved volunteer task details + contact information. The volunteer finishes the task and reports it on Zelos. And just like that, a person at-risk is helped.

This collaboration creates a platform for many other organizations and individuals who are currently offering help to vulnerable communities. Let us join hands and speak with one voice in the midst of this crisis, and we will get through it together.

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