JAY4T is committed to helping vulnerable communities and at-risk individuals by connecting them to volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya.

The novel corona virus 2019 has posed a great challenge to our communities in Kenya. Many low and middle-income households struggle with access to food, especially after businesses have been affected due to the lockdown and restriction in operations. The loss of jobs has also led to a serious economic disparity among local communities who are highly dependent on manual labor for income.

Jabulani Youths for Transformation


To alleviate poverty, improve welfare, promote good governance, nurture talents and contribute to environmental conservation.


To build inspire a generation of young people transforming Africa and living up to their lives’ purposes.

Established in December 2013 in Kisumu-Kenya, JAY4T has evolved to be a significant player in positive youth development and building resilient communities.

With a network of over 100 youths and with over 20 volunteers from local communities, JAY4T is strengthening its community-led approach for social impact.


  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Shared Prosperity
  • Growth and Learning
  • Humility and Service
  • Creativity and Innovation


  • Love
  • Resilience
  • Sustainability
  • Transformation
  • Participatory Strategy